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Home Visits 

The home visit includes a review of your medical history, your pregnancy and birth experiences, a breast exam, pre-and post- feed weights. We'll review what's working for you and brainstorm any desired improvements.  We'll develop a Care Plan together to meet your needs and goals; the Care Plan shifts over time and to your needs.  I'm happy to work with all kinds of families. !


Free follow-up phone, email and text support included. 

A home visit is $125 and lasts approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours. 

Cash, check or Venmo, please.

Evidence-based care,  compassionate support to help you meet

your goals.


Most visits can be scheduled within 24 hours.

Prenatal Consults

*If your previous experience didn't meet your expectations.

*If you are concerned that you have particular circumstances that may impede a full milk production.

*If you'd prefer a private breast/chestfeeding class.


 . . . a prenatal consult can be useful.

We'll meet in the privacy of your home, review your health history, any previous breast/chestfeeding experiences, the basics of how milk is made and what the early days of nursing look like.  We can form a plan to handle any anticipated challenges.

A prenatal visit is $25 and lasts approximately one hour, this amount is deducted from a subsequent home visit.


* How milk production works and what the early days look like.

* How to tell when your baby wants to nurse.

* How to facilitate a deep latch.

* How to tell your baby is getting enough milk.

* How to avoid problems and signs that you may need help.

* Resources.

Free classes offered monthly at Affiliates in Obgyn, 

96 Colchester Avenue, Burlington. 

Second Monday, 6:30-8:00 pm

Call 658-0505 to register.




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